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Webdojo site is a forum to discuss aspects of karate training. When we first start training, everything we learn is new, complicated, difficult. Initially, it’s all we can do to master positions of the feet and knees, how much weight is placed on one foot vs. the other, how to make a fist, punching without throwing our shoulders – We work hard to gain ability to create the right shape in our movements, to breathe correctly (or at all). It is so much just to have the right shape to technique. Learning kata is a good way to practice movement, the new sequences help us master basics in different contexts and begin to give us control over demonstrating knowledge that we acquire. Kata is an excellent tool for self practice of technique — unfortunately in too many schools this is the role that kata plays in karate training. Kumite is a separate process based on glomming together basics to indoctrinate students to attacking and defending. Jyu Kumite is often not related at all to the previous training except for a handful of offensive techniques. Kata and Kumite often end up as totally separate aspects of the art.

Karate training can be more like a circle that is continuously traveled – basics, kata, kumite – kata is a huge library of techniques – sequences of basics – that were created to represent that system. Somewhere along the line many of the secret decoder rings for kata and basics were lost.  Was there a single meaning for moves in a kata? Perhaps, but, at some point in our growth we move from a state of total obedience (Shu) to a state of exploration, thinking outside of the box (Ha) looking at different perspectives, other systems, explanations. Looking to expand the depth that we understand our art, so that we can return to a state of greater an more complete understanding than might have been offered had we stayed in the same path that training might have taken us till that point prior to exploring (Ri).

So, welcome to WebDojo, most of the site is open for public exploration. Select links are for blogs for other non-karate training, or intra-dojo discussions. Look forward to hearing comments, criticisms, suggestions.